Note:  currently the HTML upload to itch has issues with the viewport; after the game starts there's a fullscreen button in the lower right corner.

Pilot your rover to the survey point without running into any of the local wildlife.

  • arrow keys to move.
  • 'z' key to deploy defensive units (DUs)
  • drive over DUs to pick them back up.
  • ESC to exit to console, then F1 to view source.

Made for Spring Lisp Game Jam 2020 with TIC-80 and Fennel.

Source released under GNU GPL v3.

Assets released under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Install instructions

To run the xeno.tic cart, download a TIC-80 build of version .80 or build from source, and then 'load' the cart from the console. 'Help' for console commands, enter 'run' to play, and press F1 to explore the source code.


xeno.tic 49 kB

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